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p.1 – 24

limited third person narrator, Frank Chalmers´ p.o.v.

evening to midnight, 2053 (colonization of Mars is going on for decades); Nicosia, first freestanding city on Mars;

Frank Chalmers (p. o. v.)

John Boone (first man on Mars)

Selim el-Hayil (young Arab)

Maya Toitovna (1 of 1. hundred)

Zeyk (old Arab, Frank´s friend)

Samantha Hoyle (1 of 1.hundred)

John´s and Frank´s speeches; festival; Frank is angry (about John), walks, meets Arabsàdisapproval of John´s intolerant politicsàhate fr. Selim; Frank takes deadly patches fr. Farm; meets Johnà cannot talk frankly à tells Selim + poisons him + idea to kill John; meets Maya; they find Johnàdead

-          influence of Arabia and Swiss (today + in the story)

-          multicultural aspect of colonization

-          Is Frank guilty?


p.25 – 50

Introduction by omniscient, rest limited third person narrator, Maya T.´s p.o.v.

Beginning with Ares´ departure  on 21.Dec. 2026, spanning first months of flight; Ares, spaceship with 100 colonists, heading for Mars

Maya Toitovna (p.o.v., Russ. 1.)

Frank Chalmers ((US-)leader)

Arkady Bogdanov (Russ.,tester)

John Boone

Michel Duval (psychiatrist)

Nadia(Russ., Maya´s best friend)

Sax Russel (US, subatomic theo.)

Janet Blyleven (US, reporter)

Ann Clayborne (geo., ´researcher´)

Introduction: Psychiatric problems supected; Relationships on Ares, esp. between Russ.óUS; Arcady´s (emergency) simulations; Maya wondering about/observing Frank and John; Maya has a liason with Frank but ends it without an actual reason, is very confused about him and not confident

-          US-Russian mission o.k.?

-          selection-system for a Mars-colony

-          construction concept for a big Mars Transfer Vessel

p.51 – 69

limited third person narrator, Maya T.´s p.o.v.

~ 4th to 6th month of voyage; Ares

 á + only mentioned members

Phyllis Boyle (geologist, christ.)

Hiroko (Life-supp. engineer, f.)

Easter service of ~dozenàJohn + Phyllis: argument about Christianity (john=anti-christ); solar flare emergency àall people in storm shelteràdiscussions, Arkady supposes to make new plans(e.g. new shelters)

acceptance different, political questions, John supports it; all (except Sax) admit to have lied to be selected; Hiroko sp. jumping skills; problems (leadership); Maya sees strange face

-          christianity ó science

-          risks for space travellers

-          should new colonists be independent (and/or equal) ?

p.70 – 91

limited third person narrator, Maya T.´s p.o.v.

~ last months of journey; Ares

á + o.m.m.; Phobos group:

Arkady, Alex, Dmitri, Roger, Samanthe, Edvard, Janet, Raul, Marina, Tatiana, Elena

groups like farm (Hiroko) and medical (Vlad) become isolated; different relationship problems; Janet gives up her TV-jobàcomplaints fr. Earth after lack of info. à Arkady:robot-camerasàPhyllis etc. make it; discussion about mission after landfall, disapprove about Arkady & co. on Phobos, most prefer geo. survey; Maya has sex with Johnàtells of stowawayàbelieves ; aerobraking, brief happy feeling; argument about independance (Ark.) and terraforming(Ann against it); à landfall

-          should everything be ruled on Earth (assignments etc.)

-          Phobos as base

-          Terraforming: pro & contra


p.94 – 107

intro by omniscient, rest limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

first days on Mars; landing site, north of Ophir, northern hemisphere

[all except Phobos group]

Nadezhda  (Nadia) Francine Cherneshevsky (p.o.v., engineer)

Samantha Hoyle (engineer)

Introduction: lifeless history of Mars; Nadia´s (a.o.) first steps on Mars; occupation of habitats; gathering all the equipment and starting construction of shelters (Nadia), farm (Hiroko), factories (Sax), medlabs (Vlad & Ursula)

-          life (not human) on Mars?

p.108 - 119

limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

first months; base colony


working every day, Nadia solves many tech-problems; Arkady against nuclear reacto, but Shikata ga nai; habitat work slow; N. dislikes Maya´s personel problems; first permanent chambers readyà N. happy

-          nuclear power on Mars pro & contra

p.120 - 134

limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

Ls 170 (end of northern Summer, aprox. 186 days after landing) until end of new northern spring; Underhill







calendar explained; base/habitat gets bigger; N.declines survey trip with Annà beautiful pictures from Chasma; much water on Phobosà discussions (origin); colony needs water; Maya secretly meets Frank but loves John à arguments; outdoor activity is rationed (radiation); N. loses finger, wishes more to meet Arkady (only talk); new swimming pool; N. dislikes all the conflicts; Ann persuades N. to go on a trip to the north pole

-          time measuring on Mars

-          water problem

-          radiation

p.135 - 158

limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

weeks of survey; from colony north to the pole



Simon Frazier

Phyllis Boyle

George Berkovic

Edvard Perrin

expedition: set water miners and clear road + geo borings; conflict between Ann (&Simon, N.) and others; N. places water collector; Ann shows N. sunset, N. changes her view: Mars is alien & beautiful; reach drop mining equipment in glacier; Ann wants to the pole and finally gets permission fr. earth (Frank disappproves); several discussions on terraforming with Ann (opposal)

-          discovery without necesary research ?

p.159 - 179

limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

autumn (420 d after arrival?); Underhill



Sax Russel (plans terraforming)


arrival fr. trip; atrium dome finished; Arkady arrives and wants more beauty in Underhill, is content with society; terraforming debate: many approve, Ann refers to (un-probable) indigenous life, Sax has good argumentsà UNOMA permits use of heating windmills

-          Terraforming (á)

-          aesthetic environment?

p.180 - 202

limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

several weeks around Ls 240; Arrowhead, around Mars



flight with dirigible to drop windmills; N. and Arkady become a pair; N. discovers that windmills contain Vlad´s new algae (illegal), Arkady not involved; dust storm comes upàtoo far north, manage to get home by robot car; UNOMA permits more colonies & terraforming efforts like algae

-          flying on Mars


p.204 - 230

intro by omniscient, rest limited third person narrator, M. Duval´s p.o.v.

year(s) later, spanning 240° Ls; Underhill

Michel Duval



Introduction on GE, linches,...; M. homesick; talks with Maya; new habitat is built; new colonists on Mars; M. does not realize time passing, psycho. theory; a stranger leads him to ceremony with Hiroko&co.+children, leave

-          Genetic Engeneering (today + in the story)


p.232 - 254

intro by omniscient, rest limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

2047 (M-year 10); intro: gen-lab, rest: Senzeni Na, Argyre Basin

John Boone

Okakura (Japanese, ind., SN)

Sax Russel (now studying GE)

Ann Clayborne (Red)

Simon Frazier

Intro on discovering of universal gen-healing method; J. survives crash in mohole (prob. attack); banquet in SN; Sax wants J. to investigate sabotage; J. flies to Ann to talk, she says not involved but appreciates Reds; myst. coyote perhapsà Hiroko (disappeared with her group), J.: terraforming limited; Ann pregnant, Simon father

-          if terraforming will be done, then to what extend, by which means ?

p.254 - 266

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

week after meeting with Ann; Marineris Transverse Highway, Echus Overlook

John Boone

Jürgen (swiss road builder, leader)

Sax Russel

J. meets swiss building road, likes their government / way of life (adapt for Mars?); Franks lies on J. (anti-arabic/israelic); talks with Sax about sabotage/projects

-          government on Mars ?

p.267 - 277

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

next days; Echus Overlook, Burroughs, Bradbury Point

John Boone


Helmut Bronski (Ger., U.N. factor)

Engineers at Bradbury point

Sax has asteroid to vaporate; secret message to Sax (Hiroko?); J. meets Bronski in Burroughs, talks about concession to transnational ind., J. not confident; J. visits Bradbury, amazed by size of mining

-          (private) industry on Mars (in space) pro & contra

p.278 - 284

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

next days; Great Escarpment (south end of Vastitas Borealis)

John Boone

Frank Chalmers

Maya Toitovna

Frank in Arab caravan, no info on Hiroko &co.; Frank satisfied with eco/politic situation; Maya arrives, sleeps with J.; J. wants help from first 100 to form society

-          should single persons plan a (martian) society?

p.285 - 294

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

2048 (M-11); Acheron

John Boone

Maya Toitovna

Vlad Taneev(biologist, first 100)

Ursula Kohl (Biologist, GE)

New GEMs; Ursula proposes J. new gen-therapyà could prolongate life for decades (or longer), J. finally accepts, Maya, too; J. together with Maya, knoweach other very well, J. wants to marry her

-          endless life: possible?, pro & contra

p.295 - 316

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

Next month up to ~ 1 M-year; Acheron, mine near Tharsis, Pavonis, Chinese settlement, Japanese Air miner, mesa (Sufi habitat)

John Boone

Vlad & other biologists


Dhu (Sufi) & other Sufi

J. studies bioengineering; talk with biologists about eco-economics; big global duststorm; summer: J. goes to meet Maya in Hellas; stop at mine; stop at Pavonisà Phyllis leading space elevator projec, J. not sure about industrials/profit; staying with Sufisà J. likes their religion; myst of hidden martian, helping in danger

-          space elevator

p.317 - 337

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

~ next weeks; Turner Wells, Rabe Crater, Hellespontus Montes, Hellas Basin


Mary Dunkel (1 of first 100)


Kasei & 4 other hidden ´martians´

Ann (& Simon & Peter Clayborne)

Sam Houston (UNOMA agent)

Michael Chang (UNOMA agent)

water incident in aquifer station, Mary stops it; J. talks with Nadia about elevator, nearly killed by machine (deliberate?); J. off road near Hellas, five persons come at night, want J. to slow immigration, disappear;Ann tells of microorganism, never answered if really terran; UNOMA agents question J. (sabotage); 2 unknowns try to kill J., keeps it secret, argues with Houston

-          foods on Mars

p.338 - 363

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

until end of storm; Phobos, Sabishii, settlements, Senzeni Na, Underhill



Nanao Nakayama (Jap. in Sabishii)

Marian (´revolution´ member, SN)

Houston & Chang

Frank Chalmers

Spencer Jackson

Arkady talks of insurrection etc. to change Mars, J. prefers treaty negotiation to control transnationals; Jap. in Sabishii resist government; many hidden bases for revolution (e.g. in SN), J. wants them to think more peaceful; J. opposes agents; Frank talks about more police control and danger of treatment; J. avoids trap with dead person in his room (agents), storm ends

-          economical reasons for a mission to Mars

p.364 - 382

limited third person narrator, John´s p.o.v.

9 months later, spanning some days; Tha-Zp crater on Olympus Mons


Hiroko Ai

60 of first 100 (Frank, Phyllis not)


Sufis, Suiss etc.

~1000 people on Olympus invited by J. for party; Hiroko & co. arrives, J. talks about saboteurs in her group, attack on him by transnats; call to Helmutà send away Chang & Houston; J. talks with Hiroko about their son (in vitro); J. meets Coyote; ice meteor burns; J. holds speech about new martian society, want to act



p.384 - 404

intro by several first person narrators, rest limited third person narrator, Frank´s p.o.v.

February 2057 (Ls=144, M-year 15),after John´s assassin; Burroughs


Maya (FirstMars coalition)

Ann (Red representative)

Sax (observer for terraforming)

Andy Jahns (corporate contact)

Intro with legends about John´s death, Big Man & co.; population problems on Earth; F. makes conferees to accept new Mars treaty with disadvantages for transnats, immigration mainly from rich states; F. has new affair with Maya, dreams of John, rejects her; Ann pleased with treaty, Sax not pleased, but transnats circumvent it

-          legendary tales on Mars

p.405 - 426

limited third person narrator, Frank´s p.o.v.

beginning July 2057, spanning 2 years; Arab caravan, Amex mine, Great Escarpment,


Zeyk Tuqan (a Qahiran Mahjari)

Unsi Al-Kahl (Arab)

Nazik (Zeyk´s wife)

Mine workers

F. travelling with Arabs, often alone while prospecting, talks with them about their (progressive?) culture; dreams of past; complains about Arab women slavery, but sees progression; miners show that treaty is ignored, many immigrants and many joining Arkadyà disappear


p.427 - 443

limited third person narrator, Frank´s p.o.v.

beginning 2059; Burroughs, Sheffield



Slusinski (U.S. assistant secretary)


F. back as U.S. secretary; Janet says Maya loved F.; dreams of past with John; sees Maya; U.S. office to Sheffield, elevator installedà more immigrantsà crime etc., police insufficient; F. calms striking workers








p.444 - 470

limited third person narrator, Frank´s p.o.v.

~ next month (northern winter); elevtor car, Clarke, Sheffield, Burroughs, Elysium (Hephaestus)







F. meets Phyllis, she cares not about problems on Mars;

immigration slowed (U.S.ótransnats), riots in U.S. and Russian tentsà F. & Maya calm people, live together; F. in Elysium (people disappeared), tries to convince others to stay; F. not open to Maya (John´s murder); Arkady & co. start revolution à Nicosia tent destroyed



p.472 - 485

limited third person narrator, intro Arkady´s p.o.v., rest Nadia`s p.o.v.

Autumn 2061; intro: Carr Crater, rest: Lasswitz

Intro: Arkady,



Yeli (first 100)

Sasha (first 100)

Angela (worker)

Sam (worker)

intro on destruction of asteroid directed to Earth by rebels on Mars, Arkady killed in attack; N. leads stopping/controlling aquifer outflow; together they leave in planes


p.486 - 511

limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

weeks until 16th of 14; Peridier, Elysium, Hellas, Backhuysen, Margaritifer station, Carr







Steve (rebel)

N.& co. pick up Ann & Simon; they help to repair cities from Elysium down to Hellas, now a sea; pick up Sax; meet rebelsà tell & show: sabotageà space elevator cable falls onto Mars; Nadia finds Arkady´s dead body


p.512 - 534

limited third person narrator, Nadia´s p.o.v.

next weeks; Cairo, Noctis Labyrinthus

á (not Steve)



Michel Duval Coyote

Kasei (?)

Frank tries to end revolution; 3 of first 100 killed from orbità N. brings Phobos down; Cairo is attacked; Coyote/Michel help rest of first 100 outà go to Hiroko



p.536 - 567

limited third person narrator, intro Paul´s p.o.v., rest Ann´s p.o.v.

Intro: 14th of 14; orbit

Rest: next weeks after attack on Cairo; Valles Marineris









Intro on Paul´s jump off elevator and rescue in orbit; A. with rest escaping through Noctis/Marineris; A. depressed; flood from broken aquifer in  Valles à difficulties; Frank lost; Simon prevents A. from suicide


p.568 - 572

omniscient third person narrator

next days; refuge in Aureum, south polar colony

á + Paul Clayburne

Hiroko etc.

Group finds hidden refuge; Maya makes them going southà main hidden colnyà Peter, Hiroko etc. there