Soccer on Mars

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The project „SOCCER ON MARS“ is written by Tobias Forst and Dominic Neukirchen. It is an interview, which is subdivided into two parts. In the first section the history is portrayed, which means the two main sponsors give information about their reasons to sponsor the event and how the whole story came up. The interview with the two main sponsors, Tobias Forst and Dominic Neukirchen, starts with a description of their own succesful soccer carreer, they themself once won the soccer championship. They continue with pointing out their interest in the further developement of soccer and human progress in general.

The second part,written by Tobias, is an interview with an terraforming expert, concerning with information dealing with what has/had to be done to realize the idea of holding the 100th World Soccer Championships on Mars (in reality, he is no terraforming expert, we just choose the name of our teacher. So don´t make Mr Kämper responsible for any mistakes!). First, we wanted to hold the 50th championship on Mars, but this could not be realized, because the terraforming process would not have been completed for the championship on Mars. But 200 years later, to our minds it´s possible to play soccer on Mars.

All the time writing the project we were in touch with different terraforming experts whose support made the realizytion of our project possible.

If you want to know more about our project send an email to: FDSANGEL99@AOL.COM

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